Relaxing Body Scrub

Do you need an escape from all the stress and chaos of life? I know I do! I found this body scrub to be so relaxing and rejuvenating! It is my go to body scrub! And guess what it is inexpensive to make!So grab your materials and lets get started!

Just a little note. If this is your first time trying this body scrub, please be sure to read all the fine ingredients in the products that we will be using to make the scrub, and be sure to test a small area on your skin to see how your skin will react to the ingredients used in making this scrub!

Materials Needed:

  1. 1/3C Epsom Salt (your choice)
  2. 1/3C Coconut Oil (melted)
  3. Essential Oils (optional your choice of the scent you use)
  4. 1/3 measuring cup
  5. Mixing bowl to mix ingredients in
  6. Mason Jar or container to store the scrub in ( about 2 cups)
  7. Label for mason jar


First pour 1/3C Epsom salt in the mixing bowel. Second melt 1/3C of Coconut oil either in the microwave or stove top (be careful when handling the melted oil it will be very hot). Carefully pour the oil in the mixing bowl with the Epsom salt. Mix the Epsom salt and the melted coconut oil together ( be careful the oil may be still hot).Third, put your drops of essential oil(s) in the mixing bowl. I use 15 drops of lavender, you may use as many drops you want and with any fragrance oil you wish. Last, mix everything together and pour into the mason jar or container you wish to store this relaxing body scrub in! Then, label the jar so you know what it is. ( I use an address label to label my jar and I write the instructions on the label as well so I wont forget how to make it. One little note when you use this body scrub be sure to rinse out your tub thoroughly the oils may make the surface slick.

How to apply the relaxing body scrub.

1.Wet your body with warm water. (this opens the pores up)

2. Take some scrub from the jar ( I use a spoon) and place it in your hand.

3. Start messaging the scrub onto your body ( I do baby circles).

4. Rinse your body with warm water. ( Be careful the oil can make the tube a little slick).

5. Wash your body with your choice of soap. Then, rinse with cooler water to close up your pores)

6. When you dry off be sure to just pat your body with a towel.

7. Be sure to be very careful when stepping out of the tub the oils may make the surface slick. I always rinse by tub with hot water so the next person or time I get in it will not be slick.

I hope you enjoy making this relaxing scrub! If you would like to see a video on how this Relaxing Body Scrub is made you can go to my Facebook page ( and watch it there. Please let me know in the comments below what you think about it!

Happy Scrubbing!

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    1. YAY I am so glad you are going to try it! I really think you will fall in love with. Keep posted about your experience!

    1. I am so glad you are wanting to try this relaxing body scrub! Please let me know about your experience with it?

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